Let's get it straight!

Which tool is a girls best friend? A hair straightener of course!

Before hair straighteners were invented.. a long.. long time ago, it was an absolute mission to get your hair straight, and if it was raining you could just forget it!

Now, thanks to technology and the brilliant invention of the hair straightener, hair management has become a lot easier...or has it?!

You know how you go to the hairdresser and wala! Beautiful soft, silky smoothe locks appear due to the magic techniques they somehow have with the straightener. Why is it when you try to do the same at home it almost NEVER turns out the same?

Well we're going to let you in on a little's all in the technique...the mystical, magical technique of hair straightening. With enough practise, you too can master this technique but have patience my dear girlfriends!

So what is the secret you ask?

The secret is in the following steps;

  1. Use a heat protector spray and spray onto each section prior to straightening

  2. Section your hair starting with the bottom sections and working through to the top

  3. Clamp the straightener (hard) close to the roots and using a comb to comb down the hair shaft, slowly straightening - but don't stop or hold the straightener on any section for any period of time or you will risk heat damage to the hair

  4. Spray with a setting spray to hold in place ie hair spray or humidity blocker

So that's the secret ladies...hard and slow..hard and slow!

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